Stephen Byrne poet and chefThe Ranting Beast is me, Stephen P Byrne (currently residing in the whest of Ireland, Galway) and the real reason I have created a personal site is with the hope of it helping myself become a better writer, finding other like minded writers and having some fun with the craft.

I am a huge Poetry fanatic, it is my passion, my love. The Ranting Beast is a way of casting some work out in to the big bold world of the Internet. For people who know me, know I am a ranter, yes, I love the fun of ranting and it can be seeing in some of my work. Writing Poetry in the form of a long, fast, energetic crazy bellow of words is a fun way to write, a way I hope to perfect for the page and the ear.

But, with creating this site, I really want to have a lot of fun with it. I want to write essays, articles, short stories, do book reviews on books I am currently reading and enjoying, do video, promote local independent book stores and independent book stores I visit when abroad (have to keep the faith with the small guy,) teach writing skills I know and practice with, forms you can have fun with.

This site will NOT be just another Poetry blog that posts Poems. I want to be able to talk about anything interesting, daring, fun to rant about, but mostly about the craft of Poetry writing and hope to attract writers willing to share views, tips, advice, criticism, stories, poems and basically comment, give out, Rant.

It is possible that some will agree and some of course disagree with some views on this site, that will be the point. We all have our tastes, prejudices and preferences. For every one person that likes your story, poem etc. there will more than likely be a 100 that will not, that is fine let the debate begin.

I am a lover of nearly all types of quality well crafted forms of poetry including well written free verse. I believe in the rhythm and music of a poem, in sound and vision. I do not really understand writers complaining about avant-garde poets, are they up their own arses? Why are they trying to create cryptic work? and on and on I just do not understand the moaning. I believe that in the game of creating and writing poetry you can write with clarity, straight beautiful word composing, well constructed and fine on the ear, but I am also a lover of the avant-garde.

Remember, Poetry, though created for you to feel, to find emotion, to taste, to touch, it also falls under the category of “Creative Writing” which a lot of modern day writers seem to forget. I love Poetry that is different, that plays with us, pushes our imaginations to the limits, gives us escapism from the reality of our daily lives of money problems, lost jobs and so on, opens up new worlds, totally takes the modern language and breathtakingly smashes in our brains with the five senses and a crazy eyed view of what Poetry should be about, simply enjoying an emotion of words (think Pablo Neruda’s Ode To An Onion)

I hope you find something enjoyable (eventually when I get posting) on this site. I hope to do book reviews and have interviews with local writers, help promote them, read and review their books, introduce the world to local struggling talent that soaks this town.

If you think you have a contribution to this site, a rant you can add, a poem, story, or want to promote some of your work in any of the Arts including music feel free to contact me or leave a comment.

Stephen Byrne

“Stephen Byrne has written many articles online, has participated in masterclasses with Simon Armitage and Kevin Higgins and was short-listed in Over The Edge New Writer of The Year competition 2011. He has performed at Over the Edge Poetry Readings Galway, Galway Arts Centre,  Buncrana Library, Cafe Blend in Donegal, and was also a reader in the famous PlayHouse in Derry for its year as the City Of Culture. His work has appeared in many places in print and online such as Emerge Literary Journal, The Dead Beats, Crack the Spine, The Rusty Nail, The Tuesday Knights Anthology, Writing.com Anthology, The Galway Review, The Dead Beats again The Big Issue and The Poetry Bus. He is also a guest reader for the excellent Emerge Literary Journal. He lives in Galway west Ireland where he works as a chef.”