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The Book and The Poet: Dimitra Xidous

The Book and The Poet: Dimitra Xidous

In Profile: Dimitra Xidous – Keeping Bees

I have been a fan of the work of the brilliant Dimitra Xidous for a few years now and was delighted to attend her book launch in Galway in 2014 and purchase her first collection, released through Doire Press.

As Dimitra is a massive Federico Garcia Lorca fan like myself, it is only obvious I would be attracted to her work and style of writing which is unique among the many books released throughout the year in Ireland. The poetry of Xidous has the potential to drop into my obsessive-collective of Neruda, Lorca, Handal and Simic, so I really look forward to future work from her.

The Book and The Poet: William O’Daly

The Book and The Poet: William O'Daly

In Profile: William O’Daly – The Road to Isla Negra

When I was discovering the poetry of Pablo Neruda in my late 20’s it was the beginning of a fascination and addiction that was going to last right up until today. Just like my obsession with Garcia Lorca, I was about to consume every piece of writing, every book, every essay and article there was about Neruda, and my collection of books on my shelf could be considered a little over the top by some.

The Book and the Poet: Sarah Howe

In Profile: Sarah Howe – Loop Of Jade

Last night I read ‘Loop of Jade’ for the third time in preparation (and enjoyment) for today’s poet/writer introduction to this website that I intend doing over the next year as discussed here.

It is only recently that I came to the poetry of Sarah Howe after reading an interview in the Sunday Times, that made me search the net for her work and in what I found, opened a door to wonderful and well-crafted writing.