Are The Gold Coast Hotel And Casino Maintained Well?

Gold Coast hotels, casinos and parking facilities are all managed by the GFC Group. But, it’s hard to find out how well these casinos are managed. A simple Google search for this question turns up a multitude of answers, but not all of them are reliable.

What we need is a list of the best-managed, most-complained about, and most-regarded publicly-funded public venues in Australia. Most people know that Gold Coast is the second-most-populated city in Australia. Also, it’s the state capital of Queensland. It’s also popular with tourists because of its beach resorts, day spas, and shopping areas.

It’s probably not surprising then that Gold Coast hotels, casinos and parking facilities are constantly running into problems with patrons parking on the street. The parking issue was featured in a Brisbane Courier Mail article in February of 2020. One disgruntled Gold Coast resident was quoted as saying, “It’s just crazy, it really is. Parking is difficult because of the numbers, it’s very congested.”

According to the story, poor parking conditions lead to disgruntled customers and give a bad image of the Gold Coast casinos. A spokesman for the GFC Group was quoted in the Courier Mail story as saying, “A lot of business owners feel that they are making money on their property and they would prefer to continue to use their property. The casinos are supported by the city itself and therefore have access to public roads and, therefore, are able to maintain and keep up their infrastructure.”

Parking lots around the casinos are usually full at night. But, the mayor of the Gold Coast City Council stated, “We’re not at fault. We’re not doing anything wrong,” in a report issued to the council’s parks and public areas committee in October of 2020.

As a public venue, parking is a concern for any town. Even the next morning’s newspaper carries a detailed report on complaints from patrons who arrived late or who parked their vehicles too close to the casino. The number of such complaints prompted the gambling authority to remove a sign directing patrons to pay in cash.

So, does this mean the Gold Coast hotels, casinos and parking facilities are not managed well? Not necessarily. The casinos have been a part of the city since 1979. So, it’s understandable that some complaints have been made.

The Gold Coast Hotel and Casino is a great place to relax and enjoy the tropical beauty, but it’s hard to come away from the feeling that people are getting car-parked because the city doesn’t have enough parking spaces. Hopefully, with better management, the parking problems will end soon.