Gold Coast Casino Bowling Locations

“There’s nothing like the experience of playing at one of Australia’s leading Gold Coast casinos,” says Joe DeRosa. “There are so many great things to do in and around the area, from surfing to beach volleyball and the Gold Reef Yacht Club. But the thing that draws people to this area from far and wide is its reputation as a premier place to enjoy the game of bowling. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced bowler, there is a Gold Coast casino bowling location to suit your skill level and budget.

gold coast casino bowling

“The Gold Coast has so much to offer when it comes to leisure activities and recreation,” says Robert Karras, owner of Karras Sports Management. “The Gold Coast also has many options for both senior citizens and children. The facilities at the Brisbane Casino are great for people who have some experience and are looking for more advanced bowling experience. There are even tournaments every two or three years at the Brisbane casino. The facilities at the Melbourne Casino also have an extensive selection of equipment. In addition, many people visit the Queensland’s Gold Reef Yacht Club to enjoy their day at the water.

If you prefer a slower pace, then perhaps you should consider the more modest accommodations at the Gold Reef Yacht Club. It may not be the type of atmosphere that will make you forget about the competition, but it certainly won’t be as strenuous as many of the bigger casinos. There are two lanes and a covered picnic area, which are available to all of the patrons of the club. There are also several restaurants and snack bars onsite.

For those who would like to go a step further, then the Gold Reef Yacht Club is definitely the place to go. For the experienced bowler, there are lanes for advanced and beginners. There is also a covered pavilion with a lounge area for watching others bowl. There are also two swimming pools, and a tennis court. For those who enjoy the idea of going with their family, then the clubhouse provides all the amenities that can accommodate that large group. For those who don’t want to worry about leaving everyone behind, there is an in-house casino. There are even an in house restaurant that serves scrumptious foods that the entire group will enjoy while enjoying the game of bowling.

There is even an ATM machine at the Yacht Club, which is located within the club. All of the amenities are available to all who come to play at the Gold Reef Yacht Club. When there’s not enough room at the Yacht Club for everyone to enjoy all that the club has to offer, then you can always book into one of the other locations in the area.