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Guest Editor of Emerge Literary Journal

Guest Editor of Emerge Literary JournalStill catching up with a few weeks of journals received in the post and I am over the moon to receive my contributors copy of  Emerge Literary Journal Summer 2013 where I was guest editor/reader.

Now, let’s be clear, I was more a reader/helper in deciding which poems/fiction made the cut; which needed more work and touching up, when it is really Ariana D. Den Bleyker, editor, founder and master of the journal who puts in all the hard work, time, dedication, love, and I am proud to work with Ariana and be part of the team.

Poem Online In The New And Exciting Emerge Literary Journal

Poem Online In The New And Exciting Emerge Literary JournalWho would have thought it that the love of eating a delicious sandwich would turn in to a poem and then eventually be published online in a literary journal; well that’s what happened with my Ode To A Gourmet Sandwich, a poem I had written one day in a coffee shop in Galway after eating probably the most delicious cranberry, bacon, turkey and salad sandwich I have had so far, prompting me to embed it in to memory through the ink of my pen.