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2 New Poems in The Indian Review and a Reading at Over The Edge

Stephen Byrne reading at May Over the Edge Writers' GatheringLast week was one of the best of the year so far. I was a featured reader at the May Over the Edge Writers’ Gathering, went on a crazy fishing trip and had two new poems published in the Indian Review, an online website I regularly read.

It had been a while since I had done a reading and I cannot show enough appreciation to Susan Millar DuMars and Kevin Higgins for the invite and constant support.

3 New Poems in the Blue Hour by Stephen Byrne

3 New Poems in the Blue Hour by Stephen ByrneI have been a massive fan of the Blue Hour magazine for over a year now and I’m delighted to have 3 poems published on their website. I have not been active on this site at all this year due to how damn busy I am but hope to return soon now that a quiet period is upon me, hopefully.

Be sure to visit The Blue Hour and check out the amazing writing happening over there. There is plenty of poetry, prose, short stories, flash fiction even art and they produce anthologies and well as establishing a small press, which as we know, always need our support.

2 Poems in RædLeafPoetry-India Online

2 Poems in RædLeafPoetry-India OnlineI’ve always had a fascination and love of Indian Poetry, past and contemporary and find myself in love with the new voices sprouting up and sharing their work across India (anyone who knows me personally knows of my Tishani Doshi writers crush) and a relatively new non-profit website promoting new Indian and international writing recently caught my eye and I have found some excellent writing and enthusiasm within here.

So it is with great pleasure that I have had two poems published on the website (thank you Linda) and delighted to be in some fine company alongside Max Babi, Ben Mazer, Angelina Llonguera, Todd Swift and others.

Poetry Masterclasses with Poet Stephen Murray

Poetry Masterclasses with Poet Stephen MurrayIt is great to see that there are many poetry work shops sprouting up in most towns and cities with a huge demand by wannabe and established writers, packing out classes and enjoying the creativity and editing of their poems or short stories. I am lucky to live in a town (Galway) that has an appetite for good literature and poetry, a thriving writing and listening community and some of the best creative writing classes in Ireland.

New Interview With Poet Robert Peake

New Interview With Poet Robert PeakeI’m delighted to add to my site an interview with American Poet Robert Peake. I have come to love and admire the poetry and poetry insight you get from Roberts writing and his essays aswell as articles are always inspiring and insightful.

Robert has started a new exciting project called Transatlantic Poetry, bringing together poets from Europe and the US for a live poetry reading and discussion online using Google+. The First live broadcast happened on the 10th of July involving the poets American Michelle Bitting and Scot poet Andrew Philip and was a huge success.

The Creation Of A New Super Poetry Group

The Creation Of A New Super Poetry GroupFor the past couple of years I have attended a poetry workshop slash creative writing class to help me burst out of my writing shell and pen more poems, basically keep me preoccupied with poetry. While attending these classes, classes that always seemed to fall on a Tuesday evening, I met other eager poets, some experienced, others just starting out, and through many of the classes I met some great people who came to know each others work, to become friends, and now, to set up their own poetry group.

Come See Bernie Ashe At The May Over The Edge Open Reading Thursday

Come See Bernie Ashe At The May Over The Edge Open Reading ThursdayOnce again I’m lucky enough to have a Thursday off (very rare) this week and lucky enough it coincides with the May Over the Edge readings at the Galway library. If you have the night off too and looking for something to do, I highly recommend coming along to the reading as a fantastic writer I have come to know and love, Bernie Ash, who will be reading some of her excellent poetry to what I am a sure will be a packed house.

Jack Kerouac, Happy 90th Birthday, What Would You Be Doing At 90?

Jack Kerouac Is Alive and Well at 90!

Jack Kerouac, Happy 90th Birthday, What Would You Be Doing At 90?Well, only in memory and legend and of-course the world of literature, but I do love to think if Jack were alive to day, what would he be doing at the tender age of 90 and what would he have accomplished?

So its March 12, it’s Jack Kerouac’s 90th birthday, and this has me thinking about this wonderful writer, how I discovered him and how he brought literature especially poetry alive and jumping of the page to be lodged like cement in my brain. I have read nearly everything belonging to Jack Kerouac and I am currently reading through every novel he has written simply because I enjoy his style and pace of writing, the simplicity of the stories, and the timeline they are situated in.

The Street Poetry Of San Francisco Homeless Writer Ricky Teague

A Brief Encounter with Ricky Teague, Poet.

The Street Poetry Of San Francisco Homeless Writer Ricky TeagueAs I am looking through some oldish books at home, a brown sheet sneaks out to the floor and as I pick it up I am hit with warm memories of a meeting I had at the top of Market Street in San Francisco with a homeless man and writer named Ricky Teague, and this sheet was some of his poetry I had purchased.

Come See Ann Irwin At Over The Edge Open Reading Thursday 23 Feb. 2012

Come See Ann Irwin At Over The Edge Open Reading Thursday 23 Feb. 2012This Thursday I highly recommend coming along to the Over The Edge Open Reading at the Galway City Library and for once, I will probably have the night off myself and able to attend. It is always a great night with a packed house, and this month I really do believe you are in  for a treat with the poet Anne Irwin, for whom I have participated in many creative writing classes through Kevin Higgins  and right at this month once again I am in the same class as Ann and enjoying her wonderful poetry.

How To Write A Rictameter Poetry Form

Having Fun With Poetry Forms – Rictameter

How To Write A Rictameter Poetry FormI’ve decide to do (hopefully) a regular group of posts on poetry forms and their importance and use. I know many modern writers of poetry have opted just to write free verse in the belief the form is useless and out of date but I tend to disagree as to me, using forms is basically just about training and improving your writing brain and broadening your knowledge in your trade and industry, and adding some fun to your writing, bare with me. Today, let’s have some fun with the short crazy form of the Rictameter.