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Writing Recipes for the Website This is Galway

New Writing Venture with This is Galway

Writing Recipes for the Website This is GalwaySo, it’s been coming for months now, but last week I finally published my first recipe on the brilliant website This is Galway. Starting with a healthy pancake recipe…no better way to introduce yourself that with pancakes.

This has been planned for months and months but due to schedule and other activities especially with our new t-shirt website Mephobia Designs, I have been extremely busy, but finally, the first has been published.

3 New Poems in Rat’s Ass Review

3 New Poems in Rat's Ass ReviewI came across Rat’s Ass Review a while ago through the brilliant Review Review website and of course, was instantly attracted to the magazines name. As a fan of finding new journals and online magazines to read, sure I had to take a look and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of poetry on the site and knew I wanted to be apart of it.