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Zoo Uncategorized | January 4, 2012

Welcome to my new site and blog. My name is Stephen, a passionate writer of Poetry and now in the process of learning Play Writing and also hoping to get in the habit of writing more short stories with a novel in mind. I have been writing years and many of my articles are well spread over the Internet.

I have set up this site with the intention of writing more Poetry, but also with the intention of teaching people with an interest in learning how to write passionately in contemporary writing but more importantly the basics such as form and structure and hopefully inspire ideas and energy in to your writing.

I will also do book reviews on books I am currently reading plus on fellow writers I know personally and hopefully be able to introduce new readers to some new writers work.

On this site I want to be able to discuss any topic plus build up a following of like minded people to have discussions, debates, arguments and so on on the beautiful world of writing whether it is Poetry, music, composing, ranting anything will go period.

I will also hopefully attract people who want to contribute any form of writing, article-poem-short story-video, anything that will add some knowledge, fun, energy and entertainment to the site and that can also help others with their creativity.

For now, I will go, get on with building this site and hope to meet many people over the coming months.

For now,


4 Responses to “Welcome To The Ranting Beast”

  1. sherbet says:

    Thank you Justin, and I’ll keep that in mind.

  2. Justin Mazza says:

    Hi Stephen,
    Welcome to the blogosphere and good luck with your new site. 🙂 I accept guest posts at my site if you are ever interested. You can send it to the email address that I used for this comment.

    take care,

  3. sherbet says:

    Thank you very much Anne.

  4. I wish you luck with your new site. It looks good. I know you’ll have lots of fun being a blogger.

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